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Handmade Swedish castings

since 1955

High-quality castings from Lyrestads Gjuteri

Quality and giving iron new life is our goal here at Lyrestad's Foundry.

No matter what you are looking for, we strive to meet your needs

quick and smooth.

Our customers like to work with us because we produce high quality cast iron in close cooperation with the customer

and with fast deliveries when required.

Get in touch today for a first contact so we can start our collaboration!

Lyrestads Gjuteri har tillverkat gjutjärn sedan 1955

our history

Lyrestads Gjuteri AB was founded by Walter Stridqvist and Allan Levinsson in 1955.

Walter and Allan were youth friends and started their foundry skills as a core maker in Taberg and then worked at various foundries in Småland before moving up to Lyrestad.

The company grew quite quickly up to 10-15 employees which has since been the size of the company. Walter and Allan ran the company until 1977 when the company was sold to 7 of the employees, including Walter's sons Rolf and Peter. In 1987 Rolf and Peter bought the employees shares and since 1999 Peter is the sole owner. Since 2010, the 3rd generation Stridkvist has also been involved in the company.

Grundare till Lyrestads Gjuteri
Vår Historia

About us

Lyrestads Gjuteri is a foundry that casts cast iron both gray iron and ductile iron with a focus on high quality. We produce our cast iron from recycled material and an environmentally friendly molding process. We are happy to help with machining and patterns through our partners.

Most of our production is cast to

Swedish engineering industry and this has been the case since the start in 1955. We also cast exclusive ornaments for Svenskt Tenn, public decoration and help with the restoration of cast iron and renovations of old buildings.

Lyrestads Gjuteri gjuter gråjärn och segjärn
Lyrestads Gjuteri gjuter gjutjärn

We cast

We cast in gray iron EN-GJL-200 to EN-GJL-300 and ductile iron EN-GJS-400-15 to EN-GJS-700-2. We cast gray iron in weights between 0.5 kg to 800 kg and ductile iron in weights between 0.5 kg to 500 kg.

For us, it is very important to use recycled materials. An ordinary molten gray iron usually contains a return from our own foundry, old brake discs, railway rails, sheet metal clips and / or what has been received locally from our local scrap dealer.


We strive for high quality in everything we do. In order to ensure that we always get the perfect result even though we vary the recycled material according to what is available, we use Novacast ATAS to analyze the melt to get the perfect cast iron according to the customer's wishes.


Complete solution

Thanks to a very good collaboration with our partners, we are happy to help you take care of the entire job for you.

We fix models as well as machining and finishing according to your wishes.

Bearbetning av gjutjärn

Every day, our craftsmen apply their skill and experience to give iron new life.

We buy all our scrap, which is then turned into iron by our local scrap dealer.

A common part that we melt down into new iron is actually railroad tracks

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